Who We Are

Ground Control Goats is a small woman owned, two person, 21 goat operation, created from a love of goats, and pasture management. 

We practice natural invasive species management and brush clearing while spreading entertainment and good cheer through goat grazing and gazing, as well as using our goats as inspiration for our artistic pursuits-- from block printing, to drawing, to poetry. 

We strive to provide quality care to the land and our herd using holistic management practices and are proud to be a sustainable alternative to gas-powered land management.



Lydia studied agroforestry and pasture management at school and has been working at goat dairies and meat farms for the past six seasons. 

Julia is a cheese wizard and has been working at goat dairies for the past five seasons. 

Together we work towards managing invasive species on the peninsula, transforming landscapes, creating goat themed art, and caring for our little herd.



Our herd is mostly made up of oddballs and outcasts from other local goat operations-- we've got some favorite runts, socially awkward goats, and beloved retired milkers. We are also slowly purchasing goats with desirable genetics with the long term goal of breeding more resilient and place based animals.